Getting Started.

Anyone can tell a story. With StoryMaker, we make it possible for you to express your ideas in a powerful way and amplify community voices through video storytelling.

This tool will walk you through planning, creating and sharing your video. Producing a video takes multiple steps. Each section of StoryMaker can take you between one to three hours to complete. To ensure that your ideas don't get lost, we suggest creating a login to save your progress.

Before you start using StoryMaker, gather materials that you may need for your video storytelling project. There will be several handouts provided and links to videos to review. Take your time in reviewing the materials and answering questions. This will help you create the highest quality video.

Don’t forget to share your story when you reach the end. Your voice is important--use StoryMaker to make a powerful representation of your voice!

Warning: If you don’t login your progress may be lost if you change browsers or machines. Please login to guarantee that your work will be saved.