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Video journalism is a fun and powerful way to learn and share knowledge. Use StoryMaker to unlock the curriculum used by hundreds of schools across the country to produce original video journalism about important issues in their communities.

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Recent Student Reports

StoryMaker has enabled thousands of teenagers around the world to produce video journalism stories about how important issues affect young people. Here are some recently completed reports:

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Youth of color say the March for Our Lives represents a lifelong battle

Students of color, whose communities are disproportionately affected by gun violence, say the March for Our Lives was especially significant to them.

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Tiny Coders - Making It Work

Students in Loudoun County, Virginia are learning to code, 30 minutes at a time. Together with their school district and Code to the Future, they’re piloting a new program that makes coding an integral part of their school day. Morgan Fischer and her classmates at Dominion High School investigated how the program helps young students …

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How a 3-D printed hand gave this girl the gift of play

Innovations in technology are changing our everyday lives, but for 4-year-old Ella Morton, it is more tangible than for others. Thanks to a dedicated group of engineering students in the EnableUC program at the University of Cincinnati, Ella is able to play and enjoy the same activities as other children her age.